Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment

The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment is partnership made up of many organizations and groups bordering the Gulf of Maine (GOM). The Council’s main focus is to protect the environment and ecosystem of the Gulf of Maine along with its watershed and to promote the well-being of the surrounding communities and people. Consisting of members from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, the Council is made up several committees, organizations,… Read More

Gulf of Maine Law Enforcement

The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Office of Law Enforcement (NOAA OLE) enforces fishing regulations in the Gulf of Maine. Established in 1930, the NOAA OLE is responsible for the protection of the marine ecosystem and most of the national sea life around the United States. The NOAA OLE has six divisions, each maintaining watch over a different region of U.S. coastal waters, including Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific territories, and Caribbean territories, adding up… Read More